R.M. Williams Authentics

R.M. Williams Authentics range still holds legacy to the style, name and nature. 
The timeless style pays homage to the harsh outback where it originated, the quality of this product says it all and still remains as a standard for outback and cities alike. 

Why Buy Possum Merino Wool

Merino wool is famous as a fine, natural and durable fibre. When combined with possum wool the resulting garment is light, very soft and suitable for all weather conditions. Possum fibre is hollow. The hollow fibre acts as an insulator regardless of the weather conditions, primarily because of the cushion of air that exists not only around the fibre but inside it as well. This means you feel cool in warm weather and warm in cold. 


RM Williams Boots Care Guide

RMW boots are made to last and to make sure they do a little TLC will do wonders. Check out our guide to make sure your pair keep for as long as possible.

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