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Why Buy Possum Merino Wool

Merino wool is famous as a fine, natural and durable fibre. When combined with possum wool the resulting garment is light, very soft and suitable for all weather conditions. Possum fibre is hollow. The hollow fibre acts as an insulator regardless of the weather conditions, primarily because of the cushion of air that exists not only around the fibre but inside it as well. This means you feel cool in warm weather and warm in cold. 

Possum wool is a very fine, short thread. It has soft fibre ends and because of its hollow structure gives the wearer a cushioning feeling. Possum fur won’t freeze, has a long life and is anti-static. A merino/possum wool blend means that any piece of clothing is 35% warmer than a comparable cashmere garment, 50% warmer than merino alone. 
If you are someone who enjoys outdoor activities then these merino/possum wool blend garments are very light, practical will help you remain warm and unencumbered. 

The Port Phillip Manufacturing Company has Merino Possum Zip Jackets in stock, for both men and women. These garments are a luxury blend of possum fur, super fine merino wool and silk and are of an exceptional quality. They have a full zip in a straight fit style. Also available is a round neck and vee neck sweaters. A very light, but warm, breathable and durable garment. 

If you like comfortable feet then The Port Phillip Manufacturing Company has Merino Possum socks. Unbelievably soft, these socks are a ribbed, mid-calf length sock with a cushioned sole for extra comfort. The fibre helps manage moisture from your feet by naturally drawing it away from the body releasing it to the air. Merino/possum wool is resistant to odours. 

Port Phillip also carries Merino/Possum wool scarves, in various styles and colours. These scarves are 60% possum wool and 40% superfine merino. They are easy and light to wear. 

MKM also makes gloves and beanies and the Port Phillip Shop has many in stock. And because all of these merino/possum wool blend products are light and breathable they are ideal for those evening walks in the bush and on the beach where they will help you feel comfortable. 

Only New Zealand produces possum wool and in that country the possum is a pest. It was deliberately imported to the country in the 19th century to help build up a fur trade. The venture was not successful the animals were released into the countryside. In New Zealand the possum has no natural enemies and today there are an estimated 60 million individuals. This animal is a significant threat to many of New Zealand’s unique species of birds and plants and the controlled culling of these animals is supported by many New Zealand conservation groups, including the New Zealand branch of the World Wildlife Fund. In the same way Australia considers the rabbit as a environmental and economic threat New Zealand has declared the possum a significant danger to it’s unique bio diversity 

Investing in a possum fur product helps contribute to the long-term survival of many unique native New Zealand species, many of who are now seriously threatened by extinction.

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