About Port Phillip Shop

about port phillip shop

The Port Phillip Shop was started over 30 years ago to source original Australian products such as oilskin coats, pure wool knitwear and Akubra Hats both for the domestic and export market. The company has had 30 years experience in the manufacture and marketing of footwear and knitwear and been a part of the Warragul landscape in Gippsland, Victoria. Today we stock a large range of goods and are an authorised reseller of such famous Australian brands as RM Williams, Akubra and Baxter and well known western brand, Ariat, we also have other excellent but less well known brands such as Brumby shirts, Gloster Shirts and MKM. Recently we are proud to announce that we even stock another local Warragul product, Aussie Wool Comfort. They make fantastic, pure wool quilts and bedding without any added chemicals or man made fibres and are second to none (we are a little bias given they are made virtually next door).


We often get asked why our prices are so good, it's simple, we are a small country store without big overheads and we pass the savings on to you.


What our customers say

"Thank you so much for your excellent service. I'm sure that my little 
grandsons will be delighted to get this parcel." - Jan (UK) 

"It’s such a great pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much." - Bill (USA) 

"Thanks Kat, Very Efficient!" - Professor David 

"Perfect - thank you Sarah. So glad stores like yours still exist." - Dee 

"Shirts arrived Monday. Very pleased! Excellent Customer Service. Much appreciated. " - George


Shop Location

Port Phillip Shop
2/118 Albert Road
Warragul VIC 3820

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Contact Details

Ph: (03) 5623 4369




We are country clothing outfitters, situated in Warragul where we are the largest stockist in Gippsland, Victoria of RM Williams mens, womens and kids clothing and fashion. We also stock Akubra hats and a range of other related products.

Recently our website has become a leading medium for our business, however we are constantly seeking to improve ourselves so we can be reached at if you have any questions, complaints or suggestions.

Our byword is service and we take pride in the fact that our extensive knowledge of footwear, styling and fitting can be helpful to our customers