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Our pillows are a unique design as the inner is 100% natural chemical free wool. with a natural cotton outer shell. The pillow is made from specially cut layers of wool to ensure that your pillow will not go bumpy or lumpy.

Being a natural fibre after a few nights sleep the wool will condense slightly making the pillow flatter. This settles after a few nights and then the pillow remains the same height. Below are a lot of the pillows we offer with their starting heights and what they will settle to.

We offer four different heights/weights of pillow so that you get the perfect nights sleep.

Thin Pillow - 10cm which settles to 4-5cm after a few nights of sleep
Standard Pillow - 12cm which settles to 6-7cm after a few nights sleep
Thick Pillow - 16cm which settles to 9-10cm after a few nights sleep
Super Pillow - 18cm with settles to 12-13cm after a few nights sleep.

We also offer European and Tri-Pilows (also known as U Pillows and Boomerang Pillows)

Aussie Wool Comfort Pillow - Pure Australian Wool Pillows 48x70cm

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